Ok, I think I reached a compromise. My wife was uneasy about using the first and last name so publicly. Lee, she agreed with you. However, I talked to my therapist last night and Mark, she agreed with you. Hmmmmmm what to do what to do.

How about this? I think it works. What do you think? blush

Pastor Wayne


Will you dance with me?
Take off your clothes let me see.
A secret kept between me and thee.

Straighten my books.
Let me take a look.
Donít forget that little nook.

Communion is next,
We drink to be our best.
Come put your head on my chest
The blood of Christ makes us clean

Shhhhh, Just one more and Iíll be done
See, wasn't that fun?
Clean yourself up now
I can't have you covered in my cum

Will I see you next week?
Just a kiss on the cheek.
My shame you must keep.


Your disgrace blinds me.
Wondrous beauty I cannot see.
Alone, abandoned no one hears my plea

Wrapped in rags of filth and decay
Release me I pray
Your secret kept Ďtil my dying day


From all over the world they came
some bearing their own blame.
Our demons we cannot tame!

Speak his name! Speak his name!!
No longer will you be lame
Speak his name! Speak his name!!

We spoke his name Pastor Wayne
and away we went
his shame we only lent.

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