Is anyone else feeling some strong....something with these wires to the boy?

One of my strongest emotions as a child was fear and floor-drop-out-from-under-you insecurity. In the past month, i was able to identify the large and missing component of childhood, popularly known as safety and security. I'm guessing we are/were all there to some extent. And fk, does it ever hurt like heck now.

I also remember some peers (very closed age-peers) in childhood clearly lacking those "lovies." I was stumped with the other boys who did not have their own version of "spottie," or any other object of dramatic attachment. I remember them (the other boys) seeming SO secure even without their own "spottie." Those are the boys who went on to full, bold lives ... became doctors, lawyers, an architect, one global oil figure in Brasil.

I'm not equating their life paths to happiness, but I am pointing out that given a normal foundation, a child is eligible to participate in this world with great latitude and power.

For me, this seems to be the road to some real, emotional understanding of little Robbie and his life and what I was given to work with. Maybe I can be less brutal on myself?

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