Just to get it outta my system at this hour. Head's not in a good place.

Refilling the Acyclovir tomorrrow. As I was afraid might happen, had to up the pain meds dosage as my body got used to it and so I could rest. Fortunately, otoh, have been able to cut back the frequency. But I don't like having to do this to keep the pain at bay.

Lesions are showing some beginning signs of healing, but they're still disgusting and make me feel like a damn leper. Had a couple tiny ones show up elsewhere (arms, back, chest), but I recall from last time that's normal. Early signs of neuropathy in the right foot that have jolted me out of sleep and I'll deal with later.

I figure since I made it out to see the T the other day and I can slip out for a refill, I can probably manage groceries. Reward is I'll have fresh produce in here (send rabbit food). Not quite to the point I have to ask someone to do my shopping, but have been close. And, if I'm medicated enuf, I'll do the lawn in the next couple of days...the smell/appearance is truly its own reward and one for which I tell myself I'll gladly pay the price...wtf.

For now, jus' bitching because I can.

(And I still think the Felix Baumgartner audio is fall-down-on-the-floor-crying hysterical)