OK, I just found out about something that happened to my husband 3 years ago. He kept it hidden because he felt he had cheated on me, and did not want to hurt me. He was working on a long-term construction project in a large city in a different state from where we live. His room & board were company-provided. In the evenings almost all the men, DH included, would go to the bar that was about 150 yards from their hotel. They ate and drank. Sometimes they drank a lot. A woman who hung out at the bar started hanging around with them, and seemed to like DH's roommate. She was friendly towards DH, but not overly so. One night they were all really drunk, and roommate would not let the woman drive home, so he took her back to their hotel, and DH poured himself into his own bed with little regard for her, and passed out. He remembers getting up, staggering to the bathroom to pee, still drunk, and noticing his roommate was not there, but the woman was still there. He went back to sleep, and he swears the next thing he remembers is waking up with her on top of him, riding his erection. He says he was still slightly drunk and it felt good, so he didn't think to stop her. I told him that what she did was legally rape, and that I'd like to contact the police, but he says it can't be rape because he didn't try to stop her and he's sorry he cheated. What do you all think?