Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of Nonviolent Communication, says that all judgements are the tragic expressions of unmet needs.

So if someone is judging me, I simply choose to hear the need they are expressing through their judgement. "You people are so sick." I could ask- are you needing is to stay healthy? Are you afraid, because you need to know that you / your children will be safe? Are you needing to choose the experiences that are good for you?

Judgement is an endless trap and leads nowhere. That is why in Christianity & other religions they emphasize non judging. It's our small human minds that judge.

Realizing this has given me so much freedom from fear of being judged as a kinky gay man, survivor of abuse, and mentor to children. I can hear the real human needs people have instead of getting wrapped up in what they think of me (which is really about them).