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I wonder if any of my "stuff" is still around? I doubt it. Movies from the age of dinosaurs tend to disintegrate. If they were, I'm not sure I would want to see them. It might make me ill. I don't know. I was just a little one then. But I probably had a grace and poise that I have lost.


I can't imagine ANY good that could come from seeing that. I also find it very discouraging that men/women had such an interest in it back then that there was a film industry for it. I tend to see the CP issue as a modern-day thing. I guess its all too hard to imagine.

If you read lots of the global busts that go on with Interpol and the FBI, it appears that a lot of libraries (even the mega ones) will be examined to identify the victims. Now THAT's a job requiring a special emotional wall. Again....I can't imagine.