Hi Guys , I feel that all of my recovery and progress that i have achieved has been totally wiped out and my world has collapsed around me .
Last Friday evening i decided to go around to my older sisters place for a coffee .I was talking to my brother in law about everything in general when he asked how my therapy sessions were going , they were both under the impression that my sessions were for my depression my brother in law asked me do you feel that you are getting anything out of these meetings ?, after constantly trying to avoid saying anything i eventually told them i that what i am dealing with is child abuse , my brother inlaw looked totally shocked and could only say "what" , my oldest sister who was standing in the kitchen turned to me and said "it was our grandad wasn't it " i sat there with a look of complete astonishment she then said He did it to me as well !!!!. This feels like it has torn out my heart and soul , i broke down and cried ,my brother in law said to my sister you never said anything , she said it only happened the once then she refused to stay there again , i told her my abuse at the hands of our grandfather went on for 3 yrs , and i told my sister and brother inlaw that our grandfather had raped me . My sister was only about 7 or 8 when this happened to her and i was only about 8 when it later happened to me .
I am now left trying to deal with this , before i found this out my only consolation about being molested by my grandfather was that he never got to my sisters .Now i have found this out PLEASE i need advice on how to deal with this , i have spoken to my therapist and she has arranged for me to spend a couple of days in a respite home where she knows i will be safe and i can deal with this in a safe enviroment . Thanks everyone , i just do not know what to do !!....Andrew.
LOOK AT ME NOW I AM A SURVIVOR !My inner child and I are now doing this together !