In my book, Lee - you know this fr our history - you're a saint anyway. LOL...I don't do brave face. Most of the time on this round head's doing better than I'd expected.

Frankly, slaving over a hot keyboard to find the funny shingles pix was quite theraputic. Under the circumstances, I feel pretty balanced. Writing about it really helps...especially when I feel like sh*t.

You don't like hospital visits Lee? Blood, pain, suffering, weird machines making weird noises...NEEDLES? <---my personal fave...lays me out on the floor in minutes

Oh, come along with me sometime on a visit. You'll have fun. When buds have been hospitalized with HIV-related stuff, I'll take along something completely inappropriate like a balloon that says, "Congratulations! It's a boy!" or a carefully and tastefully-wrapped carburetor. Does wonders.