Again, I support restitution and prosecution to those who are truly predators but in my line of work having seen botg sides of the coin, there are abuse survivors attempting to deal with ptsd through internalization, just like a solder or accident survivor, and those who may deal with it through externalized actions such as drugs, sex, alcohol, and further victimization. Where can a line be drawn? I devote my life to the protection of children, but that also includes the child in adult survivors who is stuck in that grasp of tgeor abusive situation, unable to find peace because of fear. One of my patients put it best when he said that the detective said that his life wasnt over and it would be ok. He told me when she said that all he thought was that is what my abuser always said its going to be ok, when he k ew full well it was all just a big lie and it would never be ok, ever. No one shoukd fwel that it is hopeless.
"...and it was then that I carried you..."
Footprints in the Sand