While I do agree, as a victim of abuse, that thoae responsivle for the productionof such images and videos should be brought to justice, I must disagree with the one model fits all approach. Knowing the vackground and reason for each case is equally important. Research is pointing to more and more case studies of men, abused as children, who have used such images or videos similarly to how a comvat soldier might use graphis war movies, not for sexual gratification but for comfort and reassurance, the mentality of no one else understands or gets what I went through except these other kids. For such men, the answer is not to brand them as predators and criminals but rather to offer a safety net to where they can get help to retrain their brains when panic, anxiety, or nightmares set in, such as through emdr or ifs therapy which is used to help ptsd soldiers recover. Again, I agree predators who are harming children, buying or aelling such images, or promoting such despicable acts should bw brought to justice. But at the same time, possession in and of itself with no other evidence of predation or molestation charges shoukd be looked at closely to consider the purpose and cause. personally woring with such people in probation programs and therapy, I can say this... When a man ia cobvicted of a crime of possession but with no criminal record, no complaints or inappropriate condiuct, no anything else, and he is either erasing what he views out of shame or frustration, this is not a predator but a cry for help that he has cobditioned himself to as what he feels is hia only solutoon to cope with what is going on in him, knowing he cannot come forward for help without fear of prosecution. I know for a fact after conviction men like this who learn emdr or ifs therapy systems go on to lead normal healthy lives... And it makes me wonder, what if the legal system allowed for therapeutic solutions to help such people come forward without fear or retaliation or branding as a criminal. If a combat soldier shoots a beighvor dead because of ptsd related to combat stress, leniency is granted and charges are slackened. But if an abuse survivor leads a life abiding to law and no harm wgile wrestling with his own personal demons of the past and a stop gap that he has used since he was a child or teen, we demonize him and say hes a criminal. ththrough emdr or ifs gh
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