I'm gonna have a Gary moment. Y'all are gonna make me cry.

Horrible rhyme, but no one's ever told me I rock. Boy, that works for me. Your greeting card career is unchallenged! "So you've got shingles/Well here's my jingle" Ohgawd that's wonderful.

A story behind "You Poor Thing" Pero. It was my musclebound, ex-EMT/fireman doctor (who died a year later from "natural causes"...with his mood swings, I suspect steroids). But just that phrase from him did wonders at the time.

Already mentioned this to Gary. But I was amazed what four hours flat on my back did for me (and still up in time to see the Red Bull jump). I don't acknowledge that hell, yes, I'm SICK. Sooo, when I do all this "stuff", yeah, my already under seige system doesn't react well to it. DOH! Sheesh. Missed the obvious. shocked

The warm baking soda sitz is now firmly in the daily routine. Gawd, I should write a book, huh?

And I would like to point out the EXTENSIVE web search work I did for appropriate imagery. cool