Can I be trusted; can I be forgiven?
Can I be ever the same boy again?
I lost my innocence; I lost my purity
And now I'm covered with filth and stain

I was a small child who was fun and pure
But all was stolen, by a man who didn't care
I am no longer innocent, and no longer pure.
I was terribly injured; it's just not fair.

I lost my memory of how he tricked me
I can't figure it out, no matter how hard I try
I know what happened when I was little
And this is something I can no longer deny

They told me time would heal my wounds
They told me prayers would restore my soul
I waited long enough, and prayed very hard
For crying out loud, it's my life he stole

My faith in people was badly shaken
I lost my childhood, since the beginning of time
My trust in God is being tested
Would he be punished for his terrible crime?