Leaving, walking away from the situation that's causing me to get angry, for a little while seems to help a lot. Going for a brisk walk and having a coffee usually gives me enough time to think about things and unwind enough to be able to deal with the problem better.

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i know there must be an appropriate way for all of us to express anger safely and in a healthy way. most of the suggestions i've heard...screaming in an isolated place, etc.

I've got a story about doing that. When I was working as a security guard to put myself through college a few years ago, things came to a head at Christmas. Christmas has always been rough with all the family stuff and I was also dealing with the financial pressures of college and the site I worked at had a seasonal layoff over Christmas and that added to the pile of stress I was dealing with. I was picking up hours overnight at this empty nursing home that had been completely gutted for renovations and on Christmas Eve, I was totally at wit's end because of the latest family crap about gifts for everyone on top of everything else, and when I showed up to work, the scheduling department had double booked people and it was a total shambles. Finally, after sitting and stewing by myself for an hour or two in the middle of the night, I walked out the side door of the building, into the middle of the street with houses with Christmas lights on, stood in the middle of the road in full uniform, took a deep breath and bellowed out one good long yell until my lungs were empty. Then I went back inside and finished my night shift. I laugh about it now...just picturing myself in full uniform screaming at the top of my lungs in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve in the middle of some residential street...
If it's a choice between laughing or crying, I'd rather laugh.