I know what you mean about the friend thing, sometimes I feel like everyone's big brother, and not in the orwellian sense.

To be honest though my advice is still as above, though right now I'm finding it far easier to take. Find something else in your life and forget relationships sinse if your male and you can't initiate them your stuck.

For me, this is music and I have to say it's working out hugely well! I'm now doing half an hour of running and weights each morning and an hour's singing practice, and plan very much to carry this as far as I can, (including application to a conservatoire), and feeling like this, with the sun and devoted to what! I love, I can say that it no longer matters to me if I don't get the experience i want.

It's an experience, nothing more, big deal! and if it was a choice betwene that experience I've seen other couple have and my experience of performing on stage I'm still not certain I'd take the relationship.