Today I registered for workshops at the Expressive Therapies Summit in November. I was accepted as a volunteer for 2 days and in return I receive 2 full days to attend for free.

So, I'll be taking workshops in

Mentoring Progress in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy through Art. That's about using art therapy to see where one is in their traditional talk therapy.

The Recovery Model and Multidisciplinary Collaboration: A Case Study.
This workshop is the examination of a man in his 60's who suffered considerably due to being abused as a child. It is a discussion of the concept of "It takes a village to raise a child" in the sense that to effectively help this man, many different collaborative disciplines and therapies needed.

Processing Treatment Challenges Using Art Journals.

Fragmentation to Integration: Art Directives for Treating Dissociative Disorders

Creativity, Spirit, Healing.

So, I'm excited.

As anyone here knows, when good things happen, the negative stuff puffs itself up real big. This time I'm OK. The stuff is there but I haven't gone into a tailspin. I think that's good.

Tomorrow (today, rather (Saturday) I start my 4 session, 7 hour per class, Rhythm and Role. I think there's going to be movement and music and embarrassing "public display." Oh, I hope not. I am pretty good with dance, but acting and music--oh no. In fact, I don't really like music. The coursework requires some classes in music and acting (role play) so.... Hey, I was deathly afraid to pick up a brush and do water colors two weeks ago, but did OK.

PS Went to my first Rhythm and Role: Unmasking the Essential Self. It was an intense 7 hours. It's 4 weeks of this but i figure I will do what work I can/ need to do and let the chips fall where they may. There are so many triggers and almost everything I feel requires suppressing. I have to take the class. Like I said, it's 4 weeks.

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