Started the Acyclovir today. If like last time, effects won't be visible for a while. Noticed, too, I'm starting a similar breakout on the right shoulder/pec area...just like the cartoon. Enuf already! Right leg already looks (to me) like a special effects job. At least it's being treated.

Did start a painkiller which is working. Hell, I can actually sleep now without constantly moving to keep the leg warmer/cooler. Driving any appreciable distance is out of the question, however. I feel I have to be real cautious with this sh*t. And I'm soaking as needed for the joint pain. Hydrocortisone cream for now, probably Zostrix (capcasin) later. But, dammit, no shorts? I'm gonna be such a bitch until at least Halloween.

That's about it for now on the bitching dept. I'll add that shopping for boat shoes today, as you might expect, was interesting. Well, at least I wore jeans and socks. They say a spot of retail therapy can really help a girl forget her troubles

Gonna keep that Shingles vs. Pringles thing in mind, Pero. The images are helping my frame of mind a lot. And, OMG, the nasty PM jokes I've been receiving....