I just want to say i really love it that we are all
soooooo conected together here, inspite of the
unfortanate sexual abuse and more. At least
for me i have never felt accepted unconditionally,
and validated. To be honest, it feels faking great!

The ideal free-love and whatever i am not that
I just want be apart of more, just b/c i can listen
doesn't mean that much.
I would love to really something so my brother and his family
can say "Goodbye Goran" . And then i can focus and
figure what and why is it i feel i have to do.

I know i don't make , that much sense.
I often thought i could help, but i have no education.
I have these messages " you are dumb!" " you suck!"

We fight my brother and i. But this was in the 80's.
I simply can't allow him.
This hurt is deep, i don't even know you guys - does
one really have to question " be careful what you wish for?"

I will leave for Toronto. My dad, hates this, !
He may be feeling that - i don't know.
His brother fucked me! And felt like i was a ball in the
pinball machine.

I feel good! I want more.

I am wondering,, how to switch off wanting-even if it is actually
helping.. gotta go