" Verbally - I don't remember what I've said so how can I complete the thought?" - Ditto MarkK. I always "lose time" if I'm trying to explain something to someone that takes more than one or two sentences. i just get side tracked by some random thought. And spiral the conversation way out into left field without knowing it.

My current situation is akin to the ones posted above. I feel the meds are helping. I am trying to build in new coping strategies and such and I hope one day to be off the meds. I will continue on them until both my doctor and I find a suitable alternative. I hope that one day I can be free of the meds as well as the drastic and occasionally violent mood swings. It's also not such a great thing when you and your doc start pushing your dosage up from therapeutic levels for bipolar to the levels where schizophreniastarts to be treated with the same med. 3rd Up on the Seroquel in 6 months. 1 more and i'm bordering on schizophrenic dosages. that kinda worries me because ive always been sure this voice in my head was mine.
I will never ALWAYS be right, I wasn't wrong, I am whats left.