Meds work for some, for me, I went through 15 different meds, all with varying degrees of confusion, suicidal thoughts, forgetfulness, listlessness, inability to focus on even something so simple as making a meal, etc... I gave up trying after 3 years of that nightmare. Not to mention most also killed my libido UGH!

It got to be a case of "Hey doc, I'm not depressed because I was abused, now I'm suicidal because I can't think straight and, I can't make love with my partner. - Gee thanks but no thanks."

I can handle my natural mood swings (bi-polar) and,what was then anxiety attacks, nightmares and, flashbacks better than I can handle the side effects of the med.

I learned other way to cope, and got things under control without meds.

Meds work great for some, but not everyone. I nor my special someone can handle meds. The side effects are harder on us that the problems the meds are supposed to help with.