Feel guilty about getting better.
All I am trying to do is say that there is hope.

And BTW I did not have the thousands to do therapy, there was no group and the only way I got help in this country was to go onto There is now a group in this country because I started it. So all the resources were not available to me.

So if you are implying that I had it easy, don't. It was a long hard battle, one filled with pain and anguish and very very lonely spells because there is no support available.

I appreciate that healing is tough and I am not making light of peoples plight, but remember that healing is possible. "It works if YOU work it, so work it you are worth it" This AA saying was my life for a year and a half, and it is only with the attitude of victory that I overcame 13 years of sexual abuse and 25 years of alcoholism.

Sorry if I came across flippant and uncaring, that was not the intention

Heal well All
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