Its challenging to be a man who was a caged bird for most of his life. Yup thats all of us. CSA makes you feel victimized when we were exploited and made to feel shame for really innocently being us. What the hell did we know.

"He doesnt have to feel any different, he doesnt have to feel ashamed." Somewhere along the way we realize we are just different from the other little boys. Some have a easier time and circumstance to embrace it, other a harder time accepting and finally acknowledging to the man in the mirror its time. Some never will. But Like Sally field says in this speach ( after about the 6 min mark). We are different " SO THE FUCK WHAT?"


Its ironic and certainly not planned for that in my own slow time I finally said on this day 2 years ago. I am gay. The world did not end, it get crazy hellish for a while and I sometimes wondered if the feeling of being the quicksand would ever end. But now it is so so much better. It seemed like such a huge mountain that could never be surmounted, and yet now even my kids just sorta go , ya dad, whatever.

Wouldn't that be great , for it to be "whatever". Its up to us to not allow the zealots to continue the abuse into our adulthood, where we are just innocently being ourselves. NO agenda, no conspiracy, no sense of entitlement or wanting special treatment. Just the acceptance and acknowledgement that our lives are lives of dignity and love. Just the same as anybody else, no more , but not any less anymore!

BTW fuck you Westboro baptist church(they advocate the death penalty for being gay)and pass that along to his popeness and the Archbitch of canterbury. Ya I am gay, so the fuck what!

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The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence. Dalai Lama

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