An article positioned as a hand-wringer for pedophiles in prison has appeared in an online magazine with great support for perp safety. It drones-on to argue humane social punishment and yada-yada-fkg-yada!

Not once does this Sandusky-orient article OR ANY of its replies voice the life-reality and/or concern for the raped children. Why do SO many in this world just simply not "get it?"

Coddling the perp is one reason I've moved my punishment position from non-death-penalty to "optional."

I greatly blame social dynamics in my hometown for what happened to me. I blame it rather directly. So yeah...I'm a bit triggered when an article worries for perps in prison. And I worry very much for what this world and nation are becoming when significance of the CSA crime is questioned, joked-about and down-played as "just another crime."

Maybe I'm the one losing perspective.

Here's the article if anyone wants to see it: LINK