I am glad you have shared so much with everyone and your support (especially your pm's) have been helpful. You are not judgmental and always have a kind word. Thank you and I am so happy you are healing and moving forward with life. You and everyone here is an inspiration to me--when I fall you extend a hand and I get up and move forward. Clearly, those that have suffered the abuse understand what life has been like for the victim--whereas how can we expect those who have not experienced this trauma in their lives to truly feel our pain. But I have seen supporters here who open themselves to learning and helping us--I also thank them--even if they have been here one month or years--it takes a brave and compassionate person to support one who has been victimized and handled life poorly, causing pain and hurt. I have learned, others are collateral damage because we first try to hurt ourselves with no intent of hurting others--unfortunately this is not how it plays out.

Keep going and thank you.

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