The pain men describe here is real. But so is recovery.

Often times the forum is a place for good men to vent their hurt, & I respect that. But equally we have to see we can undue what was horribly done.

Ask your Therapist as I have and they will tell you it comes down to the tenacity any of us have to overcome very true hurt.

It comes down to refusal to let your life be defined by some monster we met as a kid. We define who we are, not them.

I always say I am no better than anyone here because I am not. I realize the effects are pretty common to us all, but they are not the real us, the effects are illusions left behind.

Quiety out of sight there are men like me working with men like you to personally overcome abuse. There are men I met here at MS who astonish me with their guts determination compassion, support, and their true success.

I realize those real friends to me now will spend the rest of our lives cheering for each other and always pushing up further in recovery & in life.

Surviors of abuse become great students, brothers, incredible partners, uncles, spouses, parents, leaders, volunteers, teachers & friends.

I know it first hand by way of a few men I have met here who never post but every day inspire me to cherish what we have, and what we still will gain.

As a clergy abuse victim I pray each night for every survivor, and pray for the safety of kids everywhere. That's me.

It's gets better. It really does......

"You can get far in life by pushing except through a door marked PULL...." Profile quote in my son's senior year HS Yearbook.