Thanks again for the responses and I am sorry any of us have to be here at all.

I am not sure how the mind represses these memories, but mine seemed to be in check for a long time. I knew they were there, but I never dwelled on them.

Lately, I have been dwelling on them. Perhaps it's because my dad is old and I am beginning to realize that I am either going to have to tell my parents soon or it will never happen.

I then may have to tell my girlfriend, who wants to get serious. I always told myself I would tell any woman I marry. Of course, I don't know how any woman to react to such a revelation.

I still can't understand what kind of sick person would manipulate children into sexual acts. It boggles my mind.

If my mother trusted the family of my abuser with my care, is she to blame? The abuser was a teenager. Perhaps she just could not fathom it. To whom can we entrust children? This is one major reason why I am not sure I want children.

Anyway, thanks for reading and allowing me to vent.