Common hell yeah HD, You know that this is of course all your fault!!!.
I tease, but this is the mind of a survivor, well he ain't a survivor yet, he is still the victim.
Have you ever tried to get him to read other survivors stories or watch the Oprah 200 men show? There is also a movie out about survivors that perhaps you could purchase.
You see for me, people, Namely my wife, tried to tell me that this CSA thing had a huge impact on my life, but of course I didnt believe her.
It was only the testimonies of other men that got me to understanding exactly how this had impacted on my life. (Just a thought)

Please do the Co-Dependence book for yourself, it will help you immeasurably. I read a lot of Co-dependent type behavior in your post, and this sort of behavior will only enable him, not get him well.

Heal well
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