I'll go with Gecko on this one. My perp died in 1999, well before I started dealing with this. He'd be 88 now. I'm relieved he's gone, apparently died isolated from most of his family, and won't harm anyone else.

FWIW, his demise did spur me on to dig deeper, as Gary did, with the institutions involved. I could have let it go. I didn't. Since I'm having a relatively good day today, despite Sandusky, I can now say I'm glad I'm pursuing this. It's become apparent that, in spite of their official positions/policies, much of the same institutional sweep-it-under-the-rug mindset still exists 40 years later.

What I can do as an adult for kids who may find themselves in the same position today is be the adult I needed to help me, but who wasn't there.