Hi Guys,

The unmitigated gall of Sandusky to proclaim that he is the victim of a conspiracy, etc. turns my stomach. Then again, he is being true to his perpetrator inclinations - blame the victims and everyone else for whatever problems befall him.

I am more than disappointed in the judge's sentence. 30 - 60 years. That is 9 - 15 months per guilty count. What message does that send the victims who testified? What message does that send to those who will be faced with the decision to pursue legal action against their perpetrators?

How much is a stolen life worth?

Does 9 - 15 months seem to be an appropriate sentence?

I think the judge should have handed down a sentence of hundreds of years. That would not only tell the victims who testified, but those who will be faced with the decision in the future, that their courage and suffering is worth something. That what they endured was indeed as heinous as they know it to be, and that the court not only recognizes that, but will punish accordingly.

Acceptance on someone else's terms is worse than rejection.