You've already said all this. I posted the following on my FB page where my situation is not revealed to my FB populous:

Sandusky is being sentenced and got an opportunity to address the world one more time and poke cruel charges at the victims. He could have gone-out with some modicum of dignity for the victims and himself. Instead, he chose to squeal and kick. It was a grasp at gathering support from the rabid Penn State fans who already suspect wrong-doing on the part of the victims.

His final words could have done SO much to help the victims heal, but chose to hurt them further. What a dreadful human being!

One more god of sacred football goes down in flames. The sports-gods are not supermen. They are not worthy of hero status (as NO mortal is worthy). And they deserve NO praise or adulation from mankind (as NO mortal does).

Thank you for producing the video Gary. I'm sure you are felling as nauseous about this as I am.