I'm reading a book which gives good information on the damage that child abuse does to our brain.

Psychological Trauma and the Developing Brain, by Phyllis Stein and Joshua C Kendall


The earlier the abuse, the more damage it does. I'm going to post a review of this book very soon. It actually provides encouragement that the brain of a child, and to a lesser extent of an adult, is plastic and capable of restructuring itself. On the down side, it relates how early abuse in a child such as I was causes dyslexia, ADHD, complex PTSD, and social malfunction. It relates these malfunctions and others to documented damage to the brain of a young child. I had all those symptoms. They didn't know ANYTHING about this when I was a child. The book gives recommendations for treating children.

For adults, some of the things which will benefit you are: writing out your stories, as in writing in MS, playing video games, especially the arcade games such as Pacman, talking out your story with a counselor, vision therapy and EMDR.


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