Well, yes. That's a helpful discussion.

My concept of what happened to me in the Boy Scout camp has changed. But only in the sense of enlarging upon the details. I reported this event in pufferfish story part 5. When the memories first came up, it seemed that I had been confined and isolated and abused for about 5 days. Now my reason says that it must have been longer. It was a 2-week camp. I have remembered the camp-fire session the first night, which must have been Saturday night, which didn't come up with the memory of the abuse. Then Sunday night the abusive events must have begun. The other boys in the tent went out to a "sex circus" and invited me. I declined. I don't think abuser waited for several days. So I have to, because of this reasoning, move everything back a few days from what I claimed in pufferfish story part 5. I have been reading the book by Jacee Lee Dugard, A Stolen Life. She talks about similar isolation and darkness and sleeping a lot during the first part of her kidnap experience. She likewise had a bucket in the corner for use as a potty. I think that there must have been a lot of similarity to how I responded in the darkness. She was also 12. But my "abuser" would come into the tent for sex several times a day. He had another tent where he kept his stuff and where he probably slept sometimes. This doesn't change any of the essentials of what I remembered. It only changes the time period and enlarges my sense of what my emotions were.

So I can understand how and why someone, such as Buccaroni, might enlarge upon the details of what happened to them in abusive situations many years before. They continue to remember some events and they analyze what happened more in an adult frame of mind. As with me, what I first remembered came up in my childish memory. I wrote everything down soon so that I had a record of the original memory.