You are doing well, R.O.E. SO many times supporters feel the need to be more involved with male survivors in surviving or recovery, but you are coming from the other way, as a therapist who appreciated the need to give your survivor the space he needs, empowering not enabling, affirming not rescuing. This is good, but when he is not confident about his relationship or of himself, he can create some difficult scenarios for you and he. You need help too.

In MaleSurvivor, you will find dependable experience and advice for creating calming, refreshing sessions of relief for you and co-creating a healing relationship with your survivor. For me personally, 2X4 breathing, stress relieving stretched and rewarding visualizations remind me how much my body and mind can relax, it is wonderful.

My best to you both, I look forward to your sharing the struggle along with the daily rewards, until those struggles pale from the richness of your life and from your lives connecting,

MaleSurvivor Moderator Emeritus 2012 - 2014