Ginger, we are not together at this moment in time. He started a group earlier this year, however, that group was not geared towards male survivors of sexual abuse. He spoke highly of it for awhile and said it was helping him then admitted that while it helped him in many ways, he needed something else like therapy. Last we spoke, he had said he has a long way to go, but he hadn't felt as much peace as he does now and that he also knows himself and what he wants most, now. He said he would get into therapy and often spoke of his desire to heal and be the best man he could be. I believe in him. He has a beautiful heart and spirit I know this. Yet, I am torn between love and borderline hate for all that he's pulled - for not being heard, treated with love and respect and my heart not handled with care. And it is not that he made a mistake here and there, it is the same repetitive actions he knows will inflict pain, resentment, and break the trust. He expects his bounderies to be respected, yet he selfishly has crossed mine - has disappeared and left me with the mess of everything to handle.

What do you mean by the same roller coaster ride? How do you handle it?