I've tried a site search, but if someone has the link to those series of three black and white PSAs posted in the past month, please repost in this thread. They're excellent and, well, triggering. Never had heard of the 1bluestring, Jwmcd2. Thx!

As for the rest, Still, I'm gonna do my perspective thing that helps when I get in that frame of mind. For one, just having the Interweb means the world - the global conscience, if you will - is more aware of this sh*t. I'd submit that it may not be that it's worse, just that we're more aware of it. Your car may look great and for the time being may operate fine, but until a mechanic suddenly reveals your front bearings are crap - it's a Jeep thing - you have no idea and you're suddenly faced with an unwanted expense.

And, yeah, I'm gonna invoke the history thing, since we're both older. Was it better a century ago? Or, was it better with Hitler, Japanese internment camps? Was it better with Joe McCarthy and blacklists? Personally, I think the world's made a little progress. Not quite what we want, yet. But progress.

More specific to CSA, have we made progress? Look no further than the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts. Granted, tort laws still largely protect public schools, but we're making progress.

I'll interject my personal story, too. I've often thought on the matter of parental abuse that today in the U.S. - decades after my childhood - people like that are shipped off to jail and their children are taken away from them. What a difference that would have made in my life if that woman had been put away and I'd been "sent off" to be raised by my dad and his second wife. As it was, I'm grateful at least I had some time to be with them and have a semblance of a normal family life a few times a year.

Tongue-In-Cheek Dept.: Say the Mideast or Pakistan/India erupts and triggers nuclear tit-for-tat, won't that be better for the planet/what's left of our species in the long run? Well, I'm talkin' a thousand years or so. Even a little Pakistan/India conflagration would probably scare the living daylights out of the rest of the world. But I'm in a good mood today laugh