I thought most of my posts (especially poems) are not so positive... maybe it's just my view point..
Regarding the T - no, not the one I fired right before the last WoR - the one I dropped last October. He and I had a pretty bad disagreement, loud, ... anyhoo - at the WoR they were going over mindfulness with us, having us breathe, relax, think of a safe place - and BLAM! His office came to my mind. There we were, in my mind's vision, in his office like we had been before I erupted. So - figured my subconscious still considers him a safe place - so I'm back with him and we're building back the relationship and heading forward.

I tell everyone I'm doing fine because I basically am. I'm not hurting myself, they don't have to worry about hiding my own medications from me, and no one's threatening to put me in 72 hour hold. This is a big improvement in a little over a week. (I'm telling you - I crashed and burned when I came home from the WoR and had no support). I now have my T back - and I've started back with the men's CSA support group I used to attend on Tuesdays.

I suppose I answered more than enough this time too... it's a habit I'm falling into - my T says it may have to do with the fact that I'm writing in my blog more and releasing more stuff in my poems. Sounds reasonable to me.
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