I enjoyed your posting. It is true, we are survived this far--for most it was not an easy journey. Yes I have been weak at times, I was scared of my weakness because the only way I knew to cope was to leave and let a part of me take that I did not know take over so I could escape to a safe place of no feelings or memories. Only now, decades later can I admit this and no longer consider this leaving a normal occurrence in everyone's life. As you so eloquently said, "when we open ourselves up and allow those parts of us to show, we are giving us a chance to heal." But it allows me to own who I am, and what I can become. From weakness comes strength.

And so many judge us but I believe we judge ourselves even harsher. I saw this and realize all this judging is a way to hide our own imperfections

"...and when you're Perfect You'll Be Wise Enough Not To Judge...
before you judge me , make sure you are perfect !"