I guess my low self esteem keeps me from actively seeking out mutually beneficial partners. My relationships have always been rocky. My problem is i throw my self into my relationships way to fast and then am left holding the bag as i am now. Dealing with the reppercussions of poor and hastily made decisions. Alot of the time based on immediate physical gratification. After placating that side of me I'm left feeling hollow with most partners as i neglect to find a whole package and rely on one small overlap in interststhat tkaes things to a physical encounter. I then substitute said physicallity for emotiional attachment and sometimes even geograpical closeness. Haveing meaningless one night stands or year long slowly deteriorating ones. I guess thats the choice I have now. Should i pick between the two evils or try and find an option C. So far answer C has 2 votes.....
Thanks guys smile
I will never ALWAYS be right, I wasn't wrong, I am whats left.