So I'm having a rough time getting "back into the game" as it were. I'm currently bouncing back between two possible partners and Have no idea what to do. Neither relationship has been anything beyond a physical gratification of both parties. My last relationship ended exceeding poorly because i focused on the fire works more than the future. Now I'm at an impasse. Do I try for the one who is close to me yet treats me like shit until it comes time for getting laid. Or do I try to see a new flame that resembles most of the relationships i've had before hoping this time it will be different. I'm drawn between satisfying the carnal desires i still have every day and finding someone who i can spend the day with not just the night. My solidarity has become a hurdle i need to jump but i also have feel the need now for companionship and togetherness. Al in all I'm just confused and not sure what i should do or, more importanty, what i WILL do.
I will never ALWAYS be right, I wasn't wrong, I am whats left.