Hey Country,
I have been reading your posts and different thoughts. I can relate to a lot of what you are experiencing with God, your wife and what matters most and having to deal with mind and body trauma. I am on a long journey now to dealing with my mind and body traumas and making sense of it. Yet still trying to cope with having a good relationship with God and my wife.
On one of your posts you mentioned you were thinking of me and me telling my small group about my CSA. Not sure if I followed up on that and for that I am truly sorry. But to let you know, everyone was very attentative and accepting me. It was good to have 3 of my male friends in the group who I have personally disclosed my story to as added support. But after telling the group, I feel like things are getting easier for me to discuss the CSA topic with almost anyone. And my hopes are that not only just this group of friends, but a larger audience might hear my story sometime in the future to gain awareness. I will just trust in the Lord to make that happen and that I recognize the opportunity to do so.
Thanks for being so open to revealing your thoughts.

Your brother in Christ,
The Flower Unfolding