YO Scott take a breath man , the enemy has you focused on the wrong thing here .THERE IS NO CONDEMNATION FOR FOR THOSE WHO LOVE CHRIST AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS GOOD AND PERFECT WILL. HALLELUJAH !! that His Grace is Sufficient trust and believe brother the thing I am hearing here is that you did take responsibility and owned up most anyone would have took that ball and ran with it but you did not you maned up and took responsibility . Do not feel bad about doing the right thing and you are blessed with a wife who listened to the Holy Spirit and held you accountable . That is great none of what I am hearing is a bad thing .

Look at the many blessings coming out of this man do not focus on what the enemy wants you are worthy you are forgiven and there is Grace my friend and his mercies are renewed daily . He is not like humans all fickle and shit he loves us no matter what . He loves you and your wife loves and sounds like she understands you congratulations for taking responsibly . Those who seek his righteousness will be filled . This is Gods promise so do not freak out if you fall or have fallen because you are not satisfied with you sin you are not basking in your sin you are broken over it and this my friend is a marvelous thing because God is not Through with you yet.

You are seeking and thirsting so therefore keep doing this no matter how long it takes you will be filled .
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you are not alone never were
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