As it turns out, stress can set off lots of conditions. I can't say for sure, but while Iw as abused I tended to have a greater problem with sports-related asthma and other problems such as a worsening in vision. Think of it this way: if a body doesn't have a way to cope with all the stress, it's sort of like an engine with a low oil level-- everything's going to work harder and run down faster to compensate.

As far as early puberty, it potentially could be to do with hormonal shifts being kick-started at an odd age.

As far as I go, I had 2 perps. One when I was 3-4, the other 9-12. I had a problem with asthma as I mentioned, but also had stuttering, dyslexia (undiagnosed until last year) and fairly early onset puberty around the age of 10 or 11.

A lot of time too, when growing up I would have odd referred or sort of unexplained pains that suddenly made more sense when I could sort of connect them with actions people had done-- such as lower back pain or abdominal pain when I was younger. So partially it could have been some subconcious "somatic" problems alongside the stress-induced issues.