New to site, 53; with many questions.Will try to give brief background on the religious side.Raised agnostic by alcohol parents and 7 siblings, baptised methodist at 13-14 (trough boys group), strayed from church until 25 and converted to catholic to get married.after 20 years and at least 2 affairs by wife (childhood sweetheart), divorced; 2 kids 20 boy, and 23 girl who were raised Catholic( who they both cannot stand anything to do with church at this time). Returned to an Assembly of God church where I began a true relationship with god about 3-4 years ago. Shortly after began therapy and after 9 months had a very vivid vision from God where he lifted 2 crosses from my shoulders "guilt and Shame". I honestly accepted those parts of my life were gone; and still do! But....something recently has changed...My anxiety has returned; low-self esteem and on the verge of the depression returning (Off meds almost 2 yrs) and will do what ever I CAN TO KEEP IT THAT WAY; amen! Now my question is do any of you other christian men have any of the following issues or evre had( and please dont judge me; YOU CANNOT JUDGE ME ANYMORE THAN I HAVE MYSELF), Do any TRUE Christian men still have issues with SSA, Porn (gay), excessive masturbation...etc,