Sometimes I wonder what it will be that will cause my husband to realize things are really screwed up and it's time to change. For instance, about every other night or so, my husband will come home from work or come home from wherever he was, and he cannot come inside our house. Sometimes he even sleeps in the car. It's usually on the days where he doesn't have to pick our son up from daycare. I think he just hides from the world and hides from my possible questions or possible freak-outs. I feel alone because I come home from a hard day of work and take care of our 3 month old and our house. He gets to just stay outside. And I don't get to see my husband, discuss my day or his, catch up and coordinate schedules or even have a family dinner. I'm afraid that because this staying in the car thing has gone on for so long, he thinks it's ok. It's like he decided he can stop being a husband whenever he wants. Life doesn't work that way to me.

From my research and from browsing this forum, it seems like many survivors have their own "thing" like this. Sorry-I'm not sure what to call this kind of behavior. What was the turning point for your partner? What caused him to decide it's time to change? I so badly want my husband to just realize HIS WAY OF COPING IS NOT WORKING. When does the survivor realize that things can't go on the way they are anymore?

One good thing is that I finally made a phone call for therapy. I start next week. Still feeling a little resentful that I am going and he is not, but I guess I'm at a point now where I need to find me some happy again.