I know who you're thinking of. The vids made of me were in the same state as his. But no, I've never seen them and I doubt that I want to. It would probably make me ill.


I also want to emphasize that I don't absolutely know that he was successful at making a "product". I've never seen it or heard of it. If anybody out there has heard of any such item, I would like to know of it. I just think that I was "in" on the production end of it.

They would have been 16mm movies in that day, not dvd's. But he had the capability of producing it because he was a significant figure in the film industry. Of course the whole thing would have been kept secret especially in that day. He was standing behind a big black box while we (the kids) performed. I don't think that at age 4 I really knew what a movie or a movie camera was at first. There was a big skylight overhead. The other boys were from parents or grandparents in the movie industry. The movie maker even took me to a studio where cartoons were being made. The finished cartoons for national distribution were filmed and produced in that location. And NO it was not the company that will first come to your mind. I have seen this studio in a cartoon within the last few years. (Yes, believe it or not I recognized it). There are two different views of that studio that can easily be seen either in a cartoon or on the internet. No I didn't see them actually making the cartoons or filming them there. That was because he took me on a Saturday and the easils were draped with fabric. He lied to me that I would see that part of it. When he took me to the studio where they were having a sex party. sick A 4-year-old child (me) should never have been there.


I thought at first that I was the model for Tweety, who was pink and naked at first. However the publication date for the Tweety cartoon was before I became involved.

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