Hey Bob, I just remembered I never answered your question and spilled the beans on the new pursuit! Not a big deal in terms of the big picture, but a positive turn for me.

For about the past two years I had reduced my work day to part-time after a couple really bad years helping my son to cope and dealing with my health and my H's behaviour. I had a great career, but had to put its progress on hold because I was just torn apart with anxiety from trying to juggle so many conflicting priorities. Part-time gave me the time and energy to get my son on the right path and reduce my stress which was a huge factor in my health... My son is now doing better than I could have dreamed (investment well made), and this left me more energy to see the other areas in my life that weren't working. I joined a gym 5 months ago, joined male survivor almost two months ago and started laying down boundaries with my husband. Then, last week an opportunity arose with my employer where they really needed my expertise, so I agreed to go back to full-time spearheading a special project, but leveraged their need by insisting they allow me to work from home 3 days out of 5. This is huge for me because a normal daily commute is 3 hours... If I had begun commuting everyday again I would have gone back to having no balance or maintenance of the areas of my life I had just got running more smoothly. For me, this is huge!! It means I have something meaningful for myself again, but that fits with the rest of my life... In the past I would have just gone back to trying to give everyone 150% and leaving nothing for myself. Learning to set boundaries is not only helping my personal life, but also my professional! It is still pretty busy and I haven't had as much time to check on and support my friends here on MS, but I am trying.

Thank you all. I feel strongly that this success was in part due to your support and encouragement.
I am not your rolling wheels, I am the highway
I am not your carpet ride, I am the sky
- Audioslave