Rachel Hi

Sorry for your pain. It is very tiring for you to have to deal with all of this.
Remember one thing, Your husband is not the only person hurting here. He does not have soul claim to pain. YOU have also been abused and manipulated for as long as you have been with your husband.

Just read your own post,I read about someone that has been beaten down by life with a survivor, someone that is listless and worn down, mentally tired and emotionally drained.
So next time he drones on about how sad his life is, remember that you to have not had the best hand dealt to you. I dont know which pervert abused him, but you are being abused by someone that is supposed to love you.
Please get yourself into an Al-Anon group or a CODA group and get yourself a support structure.
If you are not well, the potent force that is woman, cannot help the family to get through this.

Heal well
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