thanks martin

From your comment i am inferring you are not a theist but a deist such as people like thomas jefferson. You believe in God but not organized religion.

I know you mean well, your intent and support of others on here is noble. For me, when someone says "Don't forget that God loves you too." I dont know or understand what you define by God. When you say that , for me its like someone saying that there is someone you dont know or cant really know but they love you just the same. For me its like saying the Lucky Charms Leprechaun loves you. There is no way to disprove he does not exist just is there is no way to disprove HE dose not exist. But the one making such a claim or claiming to know HIS mind (HE loves you) is under the obligation to show what he means by GOD and how he can speak for HIM. If I say the leprechaun is all around you and he loves you, you would be right in thinking that i am making an unfounded claim even if many felt the same way i did. If I said you just have to have faith, cuz i know in my heart its true, well again you would likely be a little skeptical.

I get worked up with people that don't see the difference.
I too don't really see the difference in believing in a all knowing all seeing transcendent being outside the realm of physics or any way to measure determine if HE is there. HE has always been, without cause and is all powerful, infinately evolved and complex, right at the start of the universe if there ever was a start. There is no way to accept this proposition without any evidence. It truly defies logic. For me , understanding life, the effects of my CSA and acceptance of myself now takes all the logic and true understanding I can muster. I lived for years in a self deluded state that I will no longer be a part of.

I know your heart is in the right place. I would never not respect your wish to believe anything you like. You just need to know that when that "god loves you" statement is sent my way, i dont take it they way you intended. I could say nothing and just smile and nod. Or i can let you know that not all have the same take on things. Part of my recovery is no longer tacitly nodding and going along. Its about respectfully saying here is my boundary. All I ask is that you give me the same consideration.



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