These are the waves of recovery. I don't there there is a single person who who hasn't one day offered a helping hand and the next found themselves in the pits.

I've been working on recovery for nearly 5 years now and you know what? I still run to sex and porn and such to make me feel better as well. It's an addiction and coping mechanism I would love to be rid of, but haven't overcome it yet.

You haven't lost your progress, and it isn't too late for you. It's just a damn painful bullshit day. It's ok, they happen, and when they do, reach out for support and help.

I spend whole weeks unable to post anything because I feel like it's all bullshit because I've been here so long and I should be all better right? But the reality is, it doesn't work that way.

Hang in there. Recovery and Progress suck because to get to the other side, you've got to go through hell. But the other side is worth the pain and anguish.

Fire up some Linkin Park. It's what I've got going today ;-)