My H and I are still together it has been a long long road, it will be 2 years in January when my life blew to pieces. He is sticking with his program and has stopped drinking and has continued therapy. Overall he seems to be a happy and healthier person. Now that he appears to have his feet on steadier ground I am trying to deal with the acting out portion of the abuse, the lies & cheating etc. He is sorry for what he has done and I believe him but how can I trust him again and what indicators are there that he is on the right path? Everything looks good from the outside but it always did. I am not sure how to move in a positive direction. I am angry, sad and hurt. We have three children and I am trying to keep it together for them.

Who here has made it to the next step and what did you do? I am so angry at him. I want him to be proud of his progress but to understand my pain. So I spend alot of time being silent. Now that he has made progress I don't want to knock him back down but I can't act like everything is ok? I want to move forward. I am determined to not let the abuse win. I feel like if we got divorced his child molesting father would win. But how can I ever trust him again?