Absolutely, you do not seem too pushy. I think you are awesome for sharing your thoughts and feelings, and honesty is always something that is high key for me. Which makes this whole situation a bigger three ring circus than its already been.

He is having a downward swing today, which I understand in the beginning of the process is normal. I think he's finally realized that he needs help but he's just angry today about the fact that he is going to have to deal. In his eyes I think that because he HAS made a lot of strides the last few days (you know, that honeymoon period) and usually by now we are back "in love" and loving on each other, and this time it hasn't happened. I think he's disappointed that it hasn't.

Bob, I take everything in life with a grain of salt and sometimes a shot of tequila. smile Its always good to get others views. Thats how we learn to look at things we may not have before.

Thats honestly what inspired me to post. I was reading so many posts that mirrored my own thoughts, experiences and feelings. And I thought if someone out there can read mine and maybe be in this situation and get help, then thats all to the good. Because its one thing I have learned is that no one is ever totally alone. Theres always someone out there who might just know what those shoes feel like.